Product - Breather Fabrics

Breather cloth's function is to allow air and volatiles to be removed from the vacuum bag and across the corner of the laminate or the mould. It is very much useful material in vacuum bagging and helps in maintaining the vacuum throughout the mould during the process.

Its basic material is non-woven polyester, nylon or synthetic constructions. They may also be used to absorb excess resin present in some composite layups. The various constructions are available and selection will depend on the temperature and pressures they must withstand during the curing process.

Physical Properties:

                       Description                       Property
Product Name Breather Fabric
Material used Polyester
Weight (nominal) 130 (±7%)GSM
Width 120MM / 1200MM (+10mm, -10mm)
Length 100Mtrs (+0.5Mtr, -0.5 Mtr)
Colour White
Elongation at break Above 80 %
Air permeability(cm³/cm²/sec) at 5mm WH 190 ± 15%
Melting Temperature 250° C


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12 Sq. Mtr. x 1 Roll