Product - Release Film

Basic purpose of the release film is to ensure the proper release of the helping material use for vacuum bagging. Release Films are placed directly in contact with the laminate. They separate the laminate from breather/bleeder fabrics, which have no release characteristics.

There are many types of release films that are available and selection depends on the cure temperature, pressure and complexity of component and resin system involved. Release films are often perforated in order to ensure that any trapped air,volatiles or excess resin, which may compromise the physical properties of the laminate, can be removed. Various perforation patterns are available in range of film options to satisfy various cure temperature requirements, thicknesses, tensile strengths, adhesion, upper service temperatures etc.
The following are the specifications.

  • High strength, high elongation release film.
  • Ideal for use in vacuum bag/autoclave processing of composites.
  • It can be particularly used in temperature range of l25°C to 130°C for curing.
  • Suitable for use with polyester, epoxy and phenolic resin systems.
  • Available in White, Pink or Orange colour, for ease of identification on the cured laminate.
  • Customised range of perforation styles are also available.

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430 Sq. Mtr. x 1 Roll