Product - Tacky / Sealant Tape

Its an self adhesive and is made from butyl compound.Its butyl-rubber based, two-sided, self-adhesive sealant tape with good elastic properties.

Description  Properties
Appearance Smooth and no foaming
Peeling Strength >=0.06 MPa
Max Use Temperature 204 °C
Cone penetration 20°C ± 2, 100g 5S, 65 ± 5
Solids >99%
Life Expectency 3yrs









  • Its used in advance composite industry for the sealing and vacuum proofing purpose.
  • Exposed parts and underground pipe, joint and tank for anti-corrosion. All kind of parts such as water pipe, ventilation for waterproofing.
  • General flashing applications for dielectric insulation.
  • Seal and repair carport and lean to roofing joints to main wall.
  • Seal seam leaks in caravans, cars and trucks.
  • Seal garages, tool sheds, outhouse and glass houses.

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